Katerina Pierrakou


At age 37  I’d reached 132kgs in weight.

Along with this weight I aquired various intense health problems (disk herniation, varicose veins, borderline blood sugar levels etc). It was then that I realized that this  was a problem.My personal inhibitions and insecurities, lead to the temporary solution various low calorie  diets. With thiese diets although initially I was losing a lot of weight in the process not only I gained this weight again but I also increased it

I realized that I needed help and started to inform my self about  surgical anti-obesity interventions, 3.5 years ago.
I was recommended for my case the  gastric banding, which is placed laparoscopically and turns the stomach in a kind of hourglass. With a little amount of food it helps create a feeling of satiety  and thus results to the easily loss of weight. I had to get rid of 60 pounds and the fear that  this entire venture caused me.

The choice of the surgeon was crucial to shed my fears.

With the knowledge experience and his abilities the surgeon  boosted  my confidence, especially when he gave me time to realize that I really wanted to do this  for me.Especially important it was and remains the participation of his team. I was attended   by a surgeon, a nutritionist, an internal medicine specialist and a psychologist.

I had to understand that with the surgery I would not lose weight  so simple in some magical way. I had to participate in this effort,  change my eating habits with healthy meals and exercise.

Before the surgery I underwent a full medical examination, during which I confirmed my fears .The indicators -due obesity-they were not only abnormal  but terrifying.  The chances for  myocardial infarction, large. Surgery wa a one way decision . One month before that I significantly reduced smoking.

The surgical procedure was  very quick and 24 hours later I was discharged.

I do not think I actually felt postoperative pain, perhaps this was due to my very positive mood. Very important was the psychological support I had both from my family environment and the medical team.

To adjust my stomach for 1 month I had to eat liquid or pureed food. Then I started to eat normally, except that after the surgery I ate  healthier.I chew my food  very well so I quickly feel full.

I started to consume healthier meals and tried to include gentle exercise in my life, to help the ring to perform effectively.Junk food  became a thing of the past for good . I also limited the amount of sweets I consumed and completely barred the consumption of soft drinks.

Now after 3.5 years and weighing 60 kgs less with smooth and safe weight loss I realize that my decision was decisive.My life radically changed, I feel lighter and more cheerful, I have now used the new lifestyle and diet.

I have no choice even If I wanted. If I try to eat more or faster, I feel pain and discomfort so fortunately for me I’m  compelled to follow my new eating habits.

I used to live in order to eat; now I eat in order to live, without being deprived of occasionally small delights, such as a sweets or a some pizza.

The most substantial change in my life is that now I love myself and give myself what i really need: value and solutions to problems, away from the obstacle of overeating.

There are no magic solutions, just magic moments and decisions that change our lives.



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