Bariatric Medical Unit:
One of the first 3 certified “Centers of Excellence” for the surgery of obesity

The European Federation Surgery of Obesity (IFSO) at its International Congress in 2011, certified 14 European Centers, specializing in the surgery of obesity. Three of them are in Greece (Herakleion, Patras and  Athens).

In Athens, the Obesity Medical Center (BMU) is the first “Center of Excellence” certified for the surgery of obesity in the wider area of Athens. This award constitutes for BMU reward and recognition of many years of experience and commitment to the treatment of severe forms of obesity. The purpose of this award, which is based on the long term functioning of the Center, is to ensure that each obese-patient has a safe and efficient treatment.



The Director of BMU, Dr Odysseas Voudouris, accepted the Award in a special ceremony in the meeting of the International Congress for the Surgery of Obesity and the Metabolic Diseases, which took place in Hamburg on the 2 September 2011, at the same time with the other 2 Centers, the Hospitals of Herakleion and Patras University.

After the Award ceremony, Mr. Voudouris stated:
“Today’s award of the BMU is great honor for us. The institution of awards of “Centres of Excellence” was created by the need to ensure proper medical practices based on safety and efficacy in a surgical field with many peculiarities. The exercise of this surgery requires special training of surgeons and a specialized team including physicians, psychologists, nutritionists, etc. It is also important to apply approved protocols for the chosen operation as well as for the monitoring of patients during their recovery and the process of coming down to the normal weight. Centres where these methods are applied should also have special equipment.

Therefore the exercise of this particular surgical expertise cannot be an occasional activity for a surgeon but involves physicians devoted to this area. It is time to look reality in the face: obesity is a serious disease from which 7,000 Greeks die annually. The institution of Centres of Excellence will help save many lives and improve the quality of life of thousands of our fellow human beings. I hope that the certification scheme will be adopted by the Ministry of Health and will be extended to all centers that qualify. ”



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